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"Drink" or "Drink UP"? "Burn" or "Burn UP" ?

Hi ! I'm french and I'd like to know what's the difference between "Drink" and "Drink up" ? Or "Burn" and "Burn up" ? When I am supposed to use "up" ?... I really need help lol.


Thank you :)



"Drink" simply means to injest a liquid.  Depending on the exact context and syntax of the particular sentence, it can mean that the drinker finished the drink or not.  "Drink up" means injest a liquid to the last drop.  Here's an example where the difference between "drink" and "drink up" is apparent:  (1)  He drank beer.  [We don't know how much, or he finished his beer.  (2)  He drank up his beer.  [We know he finished all the beer that was served to him.]


Similarly, if something "burns," we don't know how much.  It may have burned just a little bit, or a lot.  But if we say something "burned up," we know it burned completely, and that there's nothing left of the thing that burned.  [Here's one more:  "to burn down" means to burn down to the ground".]  Examples:   "The logs in the fireplace burned for 10 minutes, then I put out the fire with a bucket of water."  "The logs in the fireplace burned up, and there was nothing left but ashes."  "An ember from the logs set the house on fire, and the house burned down."

Thank you so much Neil !

I like this question. :)

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