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Do you like eating dumplings?



When I was a child, I hate dumplings so much especially with leeks stuffing……but, when I was in college, I turned to think that dumpls were not that bad as I used to think, and then, I thought they are delicious……don`t know why..

According to my knowledge dumplings are made by  meat ,fish or veggitable mixture covered by flour. Its similer to spring rolls. but the shape is round.when I visited one of my philipino friend's house I ate dumplings one time. Its delicious

No, I think dumplings are not similar to spring rolls. In my hometown in north China, we make  dumplings by boil them up, as to spring rolls, we make them by fry.

To williamsk.


My friend told me that was the dumplings. It was a fried mixture covered by flour then put it in to the oven. If it's not what is dumplings and how its prepare?

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