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Did you ever feel that you want to give up on learning a foreign language?

If you did, what's your solution to motivate yourself?




  I have motivation throughout the day if I started the day with English, so my schedule English comes first. Also we can very well support motivation through communication with native speakers and viewing the famous TV series in English.

I think that my career is what motivates me to learn a new language. I want to be a traveling nurse, so it motivates me to learn new languages and even if it is difficult, I can't give up because if I give up, I won't be able to fulfill my dreams. ^^

thank you for all your suggestions and answers. It's really helpful :)

Everyone supposes to set a precise goal to target . No work , no pain , yet , do not pay too much attention to its result indeed . Too much thinking to achieve .


I feel the same way every time I see no progress on my English, but then some people here in italki inspired me to work harder and harder. Especially those who learn more than one language, they don't seem to give up that easily. 

If you were not too ambitious , you might not be frustrated . Find a precise target you can follow , which  is the upmost for you to continue your learning . Motivation is very important factor that you need to take effort .

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