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Hello all!

I will be visiting Paris in May and was hoping someone could give me advice on inexpensive accommodations while I am there. I may also be going to Amsterdam.


Thanks in advance



Hello. I'm an international student here in Paris. I would say that if you are looking for something inexpensive, don't be afraid to look for hotels just outside of Paris. You will find that the public transportation is very practical and can be easily understood. Paris is small city (smaller than Washington, D.C., but surprisingly the largest city in France), so neighboring town are small as well. With that, it is very easy to get into the city. I live outside of the city and it takes me about ten minutes to get into the city by train (RER). The RER is a system of trains that travel from the outskirts/suburbs of Paris and through Paris. Paris does have it's own metro system and you will find it equally easy to use. I used to live in NYC and that taugh me everything about metros. The Parisian metro is very simple. As far as accomodations, I would suggest AirBNB, Couchsurfing or small independent hotels. AirBNB (paid - varies with each host) and Couchsurfing (free - but it is always good to bring a gift, cook a meal, teach a skill, etc. in return - I have never used it, but have have heard nothing but good things) are great ways to meet locals and have an authentic experience. I used AirBNB for my first stay here in France. I traveled to four different cities (Paris, Bordeaux, Toulouse and Montpellier) and stayed with different hosts. It's great because you interact with locals who give great advice, teach you the language, etc. In being a tourist, you have to interact (outside of asking for directions) in order to have an authentic experience. If you are not in very touristy areas, you may sometimes forget that you are in a city, because Paris lacks the hustle and bustle of most (American) cities to which you might be accustomed. So, you can easily take your time, relax and enjoy without feeling rushed. Paris has it's own unique charm. For example, there are almost no skyscrapers, so you can enjoy really beautiful scenery. Hopefully, I have helped you!

Hi! You could try AEPP in Bastille. It's a youth hostel. 

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