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Why do people fall in love?



It's our nature ,, we can't live without love it's like "Breathing" ....


ya,, love like breathing, you have to love to be a human, to have a motivation in life, to touch your value in life, love is the key of every success.

Yeah u are right Moon , but there is some people live without love , how they love?

Thanks karam , great words

I think it's related to how your mind works , if you are single or currently not in arelationship then your mind will be always on a hunt for your long awaited partner , even if you think that you don't care about relationship now still you will fall in love with the first person who matches your criteria

because they have sensations and feelings cannot control


Thanks Anarcotaurus

I really appreciate your opinion , it's wonderful words

I think they are intoxicated or poisoned .  If  you are sensible enough , you will choose marriage instead of love story . Well , that is why girls are so lovely and boys are so attractive  . Too sensible to fall in love .

Thanks Malik

Thanks allen


They don't want to lonely. They need someone to support them, and they can rely on. And also it is physical needs.

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