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How to add Hebrew to your computer, & How to fix a kink in Verb Park


If anyone is interested I added two comments below the previous discussion on Hebrew Resources



1) how to overcome an issue in Verbpark

2) how to add Hebrew to your computer


Happy studying to all  : )



What do you mean by add hebrew to your computer? Do you mean making the keyboard able to type hebrew?


Yes, it allows your computer to use Hebrew as an input language, anywhere.  

For example if I want write a document in Word, or I want to send an e-mail, I can switch to Hebrew, and just type in Hebrew.  

Or if I want to save a file and I want to give it a Hebrew name I can switch to Hebrew and type a Hebrew name, or if I want to give a Hebrew name to a shortcut on my screen to bring me to a certain website, I can give type its name in Hebrew.  

Or if I visit a website where Hebrew is required, like for example an interactive learning website where I need to type in Hebrew, I can do so without complication, just switch my keyboard to Hebrew in that webpage and everything I type is in Hebrew.  Or on a site like this, I can just switch to Hebrew without having to look for a Hebrew keyboard application, just press the toggle button...  

ככה.. אני מקלידה בעברית עכשיו


the translet is very complicated a lot of mistakes


התרגום הוא מאוד מסובך מלא טעויות


התרגום של מה?

The translation of what?


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