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what is your favorite TV series ?

Actually, i watch " Game of thrones " and " walking dead ". I like so much.  " Spartacus " it's very good too



Game of Thrones and The Walkind Dead!!


My favorites are Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey, Game of Thrones and Mad Men! 

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I watch "Game of Thrones" too.

Other TV Series that I watch are "Orange is the new black", "Grey's Anatomy", "2 broke girls", "True Blood" and "Lie to me".


   I actually prefare Britsh Series, they are funny and very clever. " IT Crowd" and "Hustle" are my favorites.

I like "prison break" and "the big-bang theory".

Nicde question.. I'm looking forward to the comments that will be put up here..

as for the ones have already been done I totally agree with those who said ''Game of Thrones''.. it's just mind-blowing.. yeah, just epic.

Well, you see, I'm just fascinated with the intricacy as well as the delicacy of the utterly complex human brain and hence mind.. so, for my other favourite ones I'd definitely say ''Perception and elementary'' and, finally, the last unrelated ones are ''Falling Skies'' which has a very interesting plot which was very surprising to me.. it didn't get That good til the third episode or so..  itøs very dificult to get such a common theme and do that well.. just like ''The walking that'' did with the 'zombies' theme.. I think that if they mange to ever make something better than it working with the same theme(zombies) it just wouldn't be much further away from that...cos it's just scaringly authentic..  lol : )


On the criminal-police theme I just couldn't leave without mentioning two of my very favourite ones which are ''The Following'' and ''Hawaii Five-0''.. the former having a very intricate as well as surprising plot..and the latter just fantastic..  I'm definitely a fan of ''Steve''(the main character of the show)... and I definitely recommend it.


*The Walking Dead.      lol.. sorry, I was distracted at the time. : )

Actually i'm watching House of Cards.. and Spacey it's the **** boss!  Moreover I have on standby, last season of Sons of Anarchy, last of The league, and i'm waiting for the new season of Community, Vikings, Banshee, Hemlock Grove, Orange is the new black...



Breaking Bad

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