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Is IELTS 5.0 a bad score?




Well, it's not high enough to be useful to you. Aim for a 6 or 7 at least.

5.0 in IELTS means your Level is intermediate . Try to work on your Grammar and writing , speaking and listening skills to improve your score + your level . all the best !

You may take it as your baseline of English and try to investigate your band score in IELTs test . Concentrate on your weakpoint to mend you flaw . That is the upmost you have to approach.

A score is merely a figure . If you are fluent in English , which is more important than the number .

Any score is better than no score!


I think it's always good to have a certification to confirm your knowledge. It's a lot better than claiming you have C1 level in English because 'your friends told you so' and then write the English here of, say, the level a 13 year old pupil in highschool studying English as a foreign language. 

I totally disagree with you allen. Figures, hard results, are important. I know so many people here who claim to be 'fluent' in English, but are actually total crap, sorry. These people should, for once, do a hard test, to get them back to reality.

Any score is better than no score! <---I like it


I totally agree with you , Jacky . I suppose she can take the score as her baseline to know where she is not sufficient and how she can improve .. Concentration on the weakpoint to mend flaws as she can , which is the most important work she has to go through . I had attended the test 1 month ago and from the test I know what flaw I could have to mend .


I recall one notion from my British teacher told us which impressed me :

"You have to be honest to your english level " . It indicates you cannot overestimate your level , likewise you do not need to underestimate your tolerance  . That is so much for it .


Score matters a lot , yet , how is your English might be also critical  .

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