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Is it impolite to delete someone from Skype contact list?

Assuming that we join skype for language practice, is it impolite to delete someone from contact list if he/she becomes irresponsive or is not online for several days? 


My Openion: When are talking to strangers, normally we don't have anything left to talk after two or more conversation sessions. So, this is explicit that we'll not talk much except, hello and how are you in future. I find several people simply not responding, or even invisible to avoid showing that they don't want to talk ( I undserstand, being busy is different thing ). So, why not just delete those contacts to whom you don't want to talk or due to which you're invisible. I think this should not be considered impolite because we all not why we joined conversation.



* opinion

@Jacky: Thanks for your feedback, of course I'm not talking about a few days, I mentioned several days othewise you can say weeks.

@Alexander999: Thanks for reliving me.

Personally, I think if long time not online doesn't mean he don't want to talk to you

If you send a message to them for a long time still don't reply to you

Perhaps really don't want to talk to you or keep them if necessary

Can do that maybe one day they take the initiative to communicate with you

I would send a aknowledge demand to that partner to prior to erasing his account . Make sure if he is going to practice English with me . After 2 or three times requrest later and no clear response , I would cross out the partner . I think it is better to both sides unless you are not going to practice language merely  .

Usually I'm sending a message to the person and asking them to delete me from their Skype contacts list and unfollow me on italki. Together with it, I agree with Bruce: you'd better to have some lesson plan, so that your sessions with a language partner could be more focused on the language study and more effective.

@Valenitn: Yes, I agree with you on asking them to delete if they are responding to you. Regarding lesson plan, I think language partners don't like usual lesson plans because this is not class, this more about causal conversation to simulate real life situation. Based on my experience this hard to find some native english speaker willing to spend some time talking to stranger except professional teachers but after all we cannot always keep ourselves stuck in classes. I took professional coaching on verbling, however, now I think I should spend sometime talking in english other than classes. What do you say?

I wouldn't expect otherwise Jacky. :-D

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