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Swedish, Russian or Italian


Well I have a problem, I'm looking for an internship on toursim. I have great knowledge of english, an intermediate level of german and a little one of french(but I don't like it, it was compulsory). I want to begin learning another one, when I'll pass the french exam on February and forget all about french. So my cuestion to you is: Italian, Russian or Swedish? Pros and cons?



The answer is going to be non-objective. But seeing that you are spanish I would argue that Italian will be easier for you to learn. Also , being the fifth most visited country in the world , tourism in italy is more developped than Sweden or Russia , so I guess it would be easier for you to find internship there.


cons : I don't think there is a con to learning a language .. 


Well a con of learning spanish is the verb tenses for example, a con of english is spelling and a con of germany is adjective declination. That's what I wanted to say with cons

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