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What is important when marketing a new product into the market?



the demands of the market and the quality of the new product.


In technical sense, market for any product is set of actual of potential buyers, so, if you feel that that market for product exist you need product promotion strategies to create product awareness.

I think it should be customer attractive. Because apearence is the most important thing as well as quality of product additionally it should put in to market in reasonable price.

I guess the most important factors to promote your products is passion , aspiration and inspiration . When your inspiration meets your passion , miracle happens .


Achieve target audience)

@Yaroslava: But we assume that target market exists, how to attract target audience? I think I need more inforamtion on product to post more specific response.

First . . . I think that you need to study your product well,
you must know ( the advantages & the disadvantages ) of your product,
Don't lie on people by telling them that your product is perfect . . . nothing is perfect,
just tell them why they need to buy your product & how your product will help them,
without any talking about perfection . . . just be honest,

Second . . . You must study the market very well,

& my magic word is . . . ( Just do your best & don't worry about results )

I am not a specialist . . . but from my opinion,
Marketing needs 3 words :
Honesty . . . Simplicity . . . Creativity,

Check this link . . . I hope that it will help you,

Finally, maybe I am just wrong . . . Best of luck :)



  Hi Elaine:


 I think sincerity   is most important, and having a high quality product is most important.

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