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Learning Chinese Mandarin.

Tell me the right and the most effective steps to learn chinese mandarin,




Should have more to talk with Chinese people have a good language environment

You can see Chinese television so can exercise the hearing

thanks andy.

I just started to learn it, so i need to learn first before practicing, right?

I just need someone to tell me the steps of learning.

I'm not sure whether the following is suitable for you, just for your reference.

As Chinese, we generally learn our own language through the following steps:

Step 1: When we're babies, we definitely have no idea about what those people around us are talking about. But we listen all the time and some words just left in our mind. For example, "爸爸,妈妈"( Dad and Mum) maybe the first two words we learn in our life.

Step 2: Through Step 1, we will have a better understanding about the language(of course, the first step lasts for many years). Usually, we can talk in easy Chinese. But we may not know how to wording nor how to write chinese words. So, at this stage, we go to school for learning. the first thing we learn is Pin Yin, Chinese alphabet. Like A to Z, we can use them to learn more words through dictionary. But for western people, I'll recommend you to learn Wade-Giles romanization, which is more suitable for western people, especially for right pronounciation.

Step3: If you wanna have a good command of Chinese. I guess the next step should be to learn how to write. It's a little bit complicated. A big system behind it.


To be honest, as a chinese, when i was in college, i still need to learn it in the first two years. so you can see, how many years we spend on learning our own language. Be patient and make friends with Chinese people to practice will be important as culture is another essential element to help you learn a language.



Step1: Listening

Step2: learning  PinYIn

Step3: learn how to speak

Step4: learn how to write Chinese characters , reading a small passage, and speaking

Step5: learing how to write sentences ,reading and speaking

Step6: leatning how to  write a passage ,reading  and speaking



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