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Constructed languages

"Valar Morghulis" - that means All men must die , in a language called high Valyrian , a language created for the Tv series Game of Thrones. 


There are many people who enjoy an activity called "conlanging" , which is the creation of constructed languages , or conlangs. One of the most famous constructed languages is Esperanto , a language now spoken by about 2 million people and which was created in 1887 by L. L. Zamenhof.


why do people construct languages? Some of them just for fun , some of them for movies or books , and some others do this with a higher purpose. For example in order to provide an internation auxiliary language like in the case of Esperanto.


Conlangers give their languages grammar rules , sounds , and sometimes even a script.


here is a link that can give you a better idea about language creation. 




here is a part of the book of Genesis of the Bible , spoken in Quenya , a language created by J RR Tolkien for his books the lord of the rings:

I think the primary reason is simple: It is a big load of fun to create your own language :)

Some people want to construct a language that will be simple to learn and people will easily understand each other. For example, esperanto. Every language has a lot of rules and exceptions, the vocabulary is complicated too... but not in esperanto or interlingua.


But in my opinion, this idea is a fail. Because we are humans and our languages are live. It's our culture, firstly. And even if we learn esperanto, then it'll become complicated too, because a language is developing every day because of our communication.

Language is also a part of a person's indentity , so eople won't really be that willing to change their tongue for another one , even if it were for international communications.

I think English is doing just fine allowing people to communicate.

However I really like the idea of constructing a language from scratch , how marvellous :)

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