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The Special Chrismas Eve

Hi,friends!Merry Chrismas!You know,we don't celebrate the Chrismas in China.So,would you share your Chrismas to me? I mean someone or something in the special Chrismas which make you remember deeply.Thanks for your sharing. 



Well in 2011 I spent my Christmas in Quito (Ecuador's capital city) with all my family (from Father's part) and we had a lot of fun, played a lot and did our gift exchange. I remember we travelled to other cities like Ambato, Ibarra, Baños, etc. We visited a lot of museums, malls, churches... (There's a tradition in Ecuador where you visit 7 churches that are situated in downtown) Afterwards we came back to our hometown (Guayaquil) and unfortunately my dad had an heart attack and almost died but I don't like to remember that part D:

Thanks for your sharing,Melanie!I hope everything is good for you now and forever.

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