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How do you say 'You' in Korean?

Is it 당신, 너, 니가? If you're talking with an acquaintance which one is more appropriate to use? I know that 당신 is used by very close people (like couples) or enemies when having an argument? Would appreciate some advice thanks!



i think that 당신 is used in formal way

but with friends or close people u can use 너는,오빠는 ,언니는, or use their names

"너" is available for intimate relationship like friends but also you can use it when you have an argument and wanna piss off him or her.

Some rude people use this word at the first encounter.

"당신" is more polite word than "너"

Couple, yes. It is available. But it is not that much sweet word comparing with "자기(honey, darling)".

However, you should keep in mind that "당신" is not the appropriate word when you  are referring to mother, father, teacher and others who are older than you though it is more polite than "너".


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