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In the New Year, are you hopeful about your language studies with Italki?



  I am curious to know if there are many language students who feel  happy with their language acquisition in association with the forums?


   The past year has brought many changes for me in regard to the Lesson Materials I have prepared  as Notebook Entries.


 These are helpful for the Answers Forum and the Discussions Forum.


       There are many students of language arriving daily in Italki, and they are all full of curiousity and questions.


  It is pleasing to see  many students are learning to post regular discussion topics and to engage in dialogue on many subject  so as to practice their Language of Choice.


 My hope for you in the New Year is that you progress, that you find helpful language partners, and that you find   the best study materials you can find.





From my personal experience I feel that Italki is very good platform to learn new languages. Here many members are very passionate to help others to enrich their language skills. Here we got very quick responses from native speakers on any discussion, answer-qusetion section, and get corrections on notebook entry. I also help others to learn Hindi and though I am an English learner but sometimes I too make corrections of English entry and give some answers. 

thank you , study each other 

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