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how to learn french in easiest way

i m studient of french lannguage so i need soem membe swho could teach me anmd help in french language coze it sems difficult to spell the french word



... yeah.. i find it difficult too.
but still i want to learn french!
Hi, I'm a native french and I'm almost fluent in english so if I can be of some help to anybody I'd be glad to give a hand.
à bientôt peut-être ^_^
I am interested to learn and practice french.
je suis interesse pour apprendre et pratiquer le francais

Yes, we think that french is difficult to learn it. But we forgot also that's the same for English.

My mother language is berber, i speak frenc and arabic because i use them in my daily life. But english, i haven't use it, just after my travelling for egypt. I always considered that is difficult to speak it. In algeria, we use berber, arabic and french, but never english. But in these days, english is wining the area. For this reason, i want learn it and speak it. It's important to me now. Can you help me?

  "   c’est en forgeant que l’on devient forgeron  "

I've been taking classes in french for 2 1/2 years, so I think I might be able to answer some simple questions :)
(Native english speaker by the way)

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