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how do you think turkish people ?

i want realistic answers ,my opinion,yes there are a lot of barbarian and untutored people in turkish people but generalization is wrong because there are such people in other nation,in my opinion we should look peoples as personel not singular...



yes writed wrong i mean how do you think about turkish people ?

I agree with you, people shouldn't judge all if one person does something bad :)


Turkish people is very good,my favourite snack--kebab

thanks, for your answers

in all nations there are good and bad people. But my personal opinion, I wish that the Turks were cultured in Germany.

yes daniel you are right about this issue there are a lot of ignorant turkish people in germany beacause on time those people taken in turkey's suborb and villages therefore this people was already ignorant and they could not harmonized your culture and they stay in the middle,yes their situation is very bad 

Thank you for your understanding, I wish the Germans also be cultured in resorts in Turkey! I've heard that sometimes they look like a pig)

Ottoman Empire .... great empire!

All I know about turkey is what I see in dubbed Turkish TV series , which I don't watch that often because they don't suit my taste. But I know for sure that media isn't a good indicator for a country's cultural properties. What I am sure of , is that the Turkish economy couldn't have developped this way had the Turks been lazy or unefficiant in their work , which are , in my opinion , among a few indicators of a society's bad situation.


So , in short , I think Turks are good people.

I find turkish people nice people. I have a turk friend and he's very nice, helpful and he has good manners.

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