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Italki meet up

Wouldn't it be great to meet your language partners in real life? Anyone ever did it? Thans for sharing your stories....l




No, not from here yet.  Although when I was a little girl, I had penpals.  I did eventually meet some of my penpals in life, and for the most part it turned out really well.  I became really good friends with some, and still to this day communicate.  I had one bad experience.  The girl I met was not really someone that I was compatible with.  She and I did not speak after our meeting.  You do not really get to know someone through written communication.  You share what you want to share, and it may be true or not.  It is selective.  One should be careful meeting someone from a social network. 

It will be very gorgeous for me, I wish I could meet someone who is polyglot and I would spend all my day talking with him (or her) about languages and countries :).

I'm still too new to have met anyone from this site, but I did meet a few people back in my old mIRC days.  While those friendships have not lasted, I did enjoy finally meeting the people I had been interacting with for months or maybe even years.  But, like Stephanie mentioned, one should always be careful.



That sounds like fun! I've never met anyone in person, but I think it could be interesting. Then again, like Stephanie and Devin wrote, caution is probably advisable.

i guess it would be veeeeeeeeeeeeeery fun and interesting to meet my friends in real life...but too bad i live in Iran and almost all my friends are from other countries :(

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