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Why do you want to learn English? and What's your problem with it?

Everybody here wants to learn English, and all of us had problem in English that prevent him/her to learn it, e.g. when I want to speak English I have to think at first, then I can speak, so there is interval between thinking and speaking. I'm here to listen to native speakers and to learn with them how to speak English fluently and Confidently.



You're right Ayad, But I thing one of our main Troubles is lack of practice.

learn a new language means practice it and practice it all the time everywhere, make the mistakes in speaking, writing, with the time you will be able to speak it perfect

Hello, It's a good question to be discussed.
Actually, I wanna learn English becuase my carrer goal depends on English language.i.e Interpreter.
As i'm a student at faculty of languages and translation.3rd Year_majored in English_

Al-Azhar University,English for me is a priority. so I should Learn English Fluntly cuase it's related to my study and my carrer.
Speaking of which, my problem with English lies in Speaking or Conversational English and Writing a little bit :)
BTW,My level in English till now is Intermediate so, What should i do to improve my English Language skills?
does one year is enough to fluent in English?
as i told u above i'm in the 3rd year in my college so JUST one Year LEFT.

Glad to see your comment,
if you want to learn English, you have to practice yourself,
try to talk to your friends in English, your family even if they don't understand it, don't be shy, make mistakes, just speak
and if you couldn't, then talk to yourself in English.


Great discussion! I agree it's so important to make "mistakes." Fear of mistakes is in my experience, the biggest obstacle to success. Remember that in most situations where you make a mistake, it means you speak more languages than the person you're talking to :)


I'm curious about Fast's answer. You say English is necessary for your future career as an interpreter, and that makes me wonder -- What made you choose English / Arabic interpreter as a career in the first place?


I need to learn English because i have started to work with New York Stock Exchange and almost the 90% of books are in English language. 

Another reason is because i traveled for Europe and is very useful. A lot of people speaked me in English and is very frustrating when you don't understand them. 




Hello  Phill thanks for your participation in  such a discution.
i've chosen this career cuase i study Translation in my college , i like this field  and i hope to work in.

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