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Thoughts jump like monkeys

Now a days, life is becoming more tough and is moving so fast. We lose most of our times in day dreaming and anxieties of past and future but manage to live only few moments in present. Although, we can't move forward to future and go back to past but our mind move around.As a result, we are not able to concentrate in our daily life and unable to perform in our work. Sometimes, we miss to listen the important conversations in class, in work, in public and etc.But why! why it happens to us !


We live in a society and our thought process grows from our childhood with our family, education, closed friends, environment and religion. Around us, so many things happen and our mind continuously change our physical body to accustom to these. Our mind controls our inner world and outer world and our life get designed based on our habits and habitual thinking.We face failure and success in every steps of life and our mind get busily engaged in day and night to prepare for next moments. At a time, we think many things of past, present and future, fear , success, failure , personal life, professional life and so on. Our thoughts jump from one area to another, like monkeys and unable to concentrate on only one thing at a time. It reduces our performance,memory and potential. What is the solution!


Every child is born a genius and human mind is the most precious gift of God. All People don't act at genius levels because they are not aware of how creative and smart they really are and because of their habitual thinking and process of living. Most importantly, the genuineness never disappears, just get underutilized. Human can recover this at any time irrespective of their ages if they change their thoughts consciously. People become what they think about all day long. Whenever bad thoughts come into mind, just need to change into good ones.


Be present and enjoy every moments, tomorrow never comes. Suppose, if you are washing plates, just concentrate on that, don't think anything else. It would improve life drastically.It's a part of meditation. Be aware! be conscious!


"You change your thoughts and you change your world"



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