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What is your favorite artist/band/music genre?

Do you like traditional, commercial, dance, rock, metal, etc?

What is your favorite artist or band?




Metal and hard rock is nice for me. I like the band named metallica, and i like the gun 'n roses just because of Slash. 

"A Morning In Cornwall". Here is the quick link:

I love k-pop, my favorite groups at the moment would be Girls Generation and Exo ♥

I love all kind of musics and for sure counry songs.

I want to share a mexican song, it's named "Ojalá que llueva café" (I wish it rains coffee) of Café Tacvba. I expect you like it! Regards!

I like metal, rock, pop, industrial and pop.

The Fray and Beast KPOP

I still believe simple is the best . I do not like too complex genre to understand .  Art should be transmitted by its unique form .

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