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Places around the world.

What of the places that you've visited have you loved the most (al around the world)



San Francisco is my favourite city so far. Rome is the most spectacular. 

At the moment the best places that I have visited is the greek island of Santorini, Istanbul, and Lago di Como in Italy. I advise you to visit it if you have an opportunity :)

I am enjoying the beach right now in California, but some of my fave places have been:






New York City



Greek Islands


Some of the most beautiful places I've visited are:

Scottish highlands

Black Hills, South Dakota, USA

Northern British Columbia, Canada






Moscow is the most beautiful city that I visited ))) Because I just came to only Moscow )))

Sharjah is the good place for visiting (shopping, beach, fountain..) 

One of my favorite places was Monschau, Germany.  It's a small village near the Belgium border. I went to the Christmas market there which made my experience much more special. While I was there, a high school band was playing Christmas music and it was snowing lightly. 

I have visited most of the east coast of the U.S., Puerto Rico (I found the villages in the mountains to be beautiful),and Italy. I am going to visit Italy again in March. I love it there so much; especially the southern villages.

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