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What language are you learning? why?

What language are you learning? why?



I am learning Portuguese, Spanish, and English because I believe the more I know about the world and other cultures the better chance I have of understanding complex situations. I would also like to make friends from all over the world because where I come from there are not many people who want to go somewhere. They all just think that a tiny town is their entire reason for living and I fail to see why this would be beneificial to them. I am not letting that happen to me. I would also like to live in places like Barcelona, Rio, and Paris. 


englisg because it's important to my future job


Hi friend of a strange name. I already speak a bit of English and German, but never have tried or spoken one "Latin" language. So, decided to learn Portuguese. Why? There is no a particular reason, except their FADO. Familiar with that music? If NO, listen to it:

Hug. Kamenko

I'm learning English because it's very important in my job also I will be able to talk with people from many countries since it became the  language more used at internet therewith I learning about culture and way of live in different part of world.

I'm learning English. I started five years ago because I had nothing to do during the afternoon and I had always wanted to learn it, ever since I was little my mom watched movies and shows in English and I was intrigued by the language. However, in recent years I realized that knowledge could open many doors as well as my mind I decided to improve my skills.

i came here in purpose of improving my speaking skills for my english and also spanish cause i think bilingual are more flexible and open minded !!!

Pra falar com vc :P

Estou aprendendo português por causa das mulheres brasileiras! Elas são as mais lindas do mundo! :-)

I study portuguese because is want of the most beautiful languages.

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