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Your Ideal Job

What's your ideal job? What are the reasons for your choise?



I would love to become a professional makeup artist! My reasons are because I love working with new people and makeup (obviously) lol and it's nice to learn new tips and tricks when it comes to makeup or anything beauty related.


I want to be a countryside teacher or a cook, because I want to help these children who cannot afford to attend a school. To be a cook, that because I love eatting and I will be happy to see people enjoying delicious food.




I was a field researcher/social worker and I loved the job. I actually hope I could go back to doing social work. Just imagine, you will be able to help many people, touch their lives, inspire them, and create difference in their lives. More like you're doing it not because it is a social responsibility of every human being to humanity, but you do it because it makes you a better person.

I would become Business man because I love money.

Well,I'd like to be an interpreter!) I want to study as many languages as I can,also I suppose that this job will give me the chance to communicate with people all over the world and travel a lot too :)!

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