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I'd like to practice my greek with someone !!!

Hey guys.


I'm Albert, from Mexico City. I'm currently learning Greek, and I'd love to practice it with someone native or who's learning it as well, whether on chat or skype. I can help you back with Spanish, English or even Japanese.





Hi Albert,

I am Greek teacher from Belgrade, Serbia.

Let me know if I can hel with your Greek :)

I speak some Spanish too.



Hola Soy Griega, podemos hacer intercambio! My skype Lamprinilorelei


Hey Albert, I'm learning Greek, we could at some point practice speaking!

Hola Albert,soy Griegra y te puedo ayudar!


Soy griega también y aprendo actualmente español. Θα χαιρόμουν πολύ να βοηθήσω! 

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