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How to protect eyes?

Internet is huge box information. It brings us resoure and new knowledge for learning alike update news..I usually spend much time for internet and I know it is affecting to my eyes..I afraid of nearsightedness..but I don't know how to agaisnt it.



As a Information Technology student I spend too much of my time in front of computer. Sometimes I spent 12 hours or more depends on my task.To protect my eyes from too much radiation I always wear eye glasses everytime I use computer.I often blink my eyes every two to four seconds also I do blinking exercises 5 minutes every hour. These exercise help me to relax my eyes.

Try this 

hope I helped :) 

Do not continue watching your PC monitors over 2 hours . Ideally , you had better take a break after 1 hour reading .

I use kind of eyes mask with Chinese medicine to relieve  stress of eyes caused by day-time overuse before sleeping.

by decreasing its brightness

Why don't you try pinhole glasses .

I suggest it to you .

It really works . :)

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