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Should I continue my French skills?

I need opinons!!!

I took French language class in high school for three years then went to a University that had only Spanish and Mandarin language classes. I grew hunger for French, but gave up because I was stuck in a school that had no French class and no study abroad to France.


1) I can speak few sentence in French, but I lost the French accent.

2) I can still read a bit of French, but it mentally I am translating them in English (French thinking skills is gone.)

3) I still have m Oxford French Dictionary, 501 Verbs Dictionary, and small thin book year 1 all French book.

4) In my opinon, French is useful if I decide to work in France or any company related to French language. A Vietnamese employee from Viet Nam told me to learn French and work in Viet Nam because of the currency.



Where do you see Spanish? I am not learning Spanish. I speak 2 language fluently and expanding on the third. I'm learning my 4th and 5th language.

Hi Amanda,

I recommend you to keep learn french, if you not have time for french no problem ,you can use kaizen way, it's helpfull in this situation.

you say have a problem with accent , so for solve this problem you need to listen more and more , anyway, you must use a good course for learn french, i can give you some names of good course for learn french if u neet that.

 good luck , and don't give up.

my misteke , i mean need = neet

I learned quite a lot in French language actually. It's been over 7 years since I spoke French. I would appreciate if you didn't make assumptions.

Thanks Jacky. I always understand my fluency level so when I do voice chat to them...I give them the opportunity to test my fluency.

I always underestimate my fluency level~so anyone can test my fluency on any languages. I'm mre judging on all levels of speech and writing skills.

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