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Should I continue my French skills?

I need opinons!!!

I took French language class in high school for three years then went to a University that had only Spanish and Mandarin language classes. I grew hunger for French, but gave up because I was stuck in a school that had no French class and no study abroad to France.


1) I can speak few sentence in French, but I lost the French accent.

2) I can still read a bit of French, but it mentally I am translating them in English (French thinking skills is gone.)

3) I still have m Oxford French Dictionary, 501 Verbs Dictionary, and small thin book year 1 all French book.

4) In my opinon, French is useful if I decide to work in France or any company related to French language. A Vietnamese employee from Viet Nam told me to learn French and work in Viet Nam because of the currency.



In my opinion you would better learn one language good, or two maybe, than three or four half. I see Spanish, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese in both this discussion and your profile. Nevertheless you cannot yet speak any of these five languages fluently. No matter what languages you choose, focus on that one or two, and really don't give up until you have reached a usable level in it.

Where do you see Spanish? I am not learning Spanish. I speak 2 language fluently and expanding on the third. I'm learning my 4th and 5th language.

Hi Amanda,

I recommend you to keep learn french, if you not have time for french no problem ,you can use kaizen way, it's helpfull in this situation.

you say have a problem with accent , so for solve this problem you need to listen more and more , anyway, you must use a good course for learn french, i can give you some names of good course for learn french if u neet that.

 good luck , and don't give up.

my misteke , i mean need = neet

Okay maybe I misread. You said your University had Spanish classes so I assumed you followed them. Which are the languages you speak fluently then?


I can only see you have A2 level in Vietnamese and A1 level in Chinese in your profile. (And no level in Japanese.) These are really novice levels, and I base my post on that. If that is not the case, well, change that level then. Also, you had three years of French in high school, and you only speak a few sentences, and your pronunciation is bad? Also, in my opinion, thinking in the language you are reading is pretty basic. Sorry. If you are not capable of that, you are really also very much novice in French. So, in my humble and neutral opinion, you did not learn much in three years. Sorry if that insults you, but objectively looking at it, it is my opinion. Should I lie to you then to not hurt your feelings or something?


Hence my conclusion was that you have studied three or four languages and you are not really good in any of them. And therefor my advice is to focus on fewer languages. If you want advice I give you advice. And advice is something else then "Yeah let us go for it. Don't give up. You can do it" empty happy talk. Sorry.





I learned quite a lot in French language actually. It's been over 7 years since I spoke French. I would appreciate if you didn't make assumptions.

Okay, first please do not be angry. I just give my opinion. Please remember that you can sometimes get the best insight from people who are critical towards you, even if they are not really nice. I am not nice, I am very direct always, my apologies.


First I think that seven years is not that long. A language you learn in your teenage years you are not going to forget very fast. I am almost 50 and still can speak French. For me it is more than 30 years ago. Even after seven years I would assume your level to be higher than you say it is. Second I base my advice on your profile. That is not just making assumptions. If your profile is false, then correct it. And one last addition, and really please do not be angry. I know people are going to hate me for this, but nevertheless, since it is a fact I think I should say it. Many people here on italki claim to be fluent in a language, or have a certain level, but are actually total crap. Many people here totally overestimate themselves. (Yeah, and they all hate me and thumb me down..They will do that here also. Nevertheless, I say what I think is correct.) So: You say you are fluent in two languages, but how do you know? Did you test your skills in an official test center? I would be modest and first be sure that my level is what I claim it to be or what my friends tell me it is, before thinking I am really fluent. And hence be more critical to my capacities in the languages I know before studying yet a new one. It is just my advice. I am not going to change it because it makes me less popular. :-)

Thanks Jacky. I always understand my fluency level so when I do voice chat to them...I give them the opportunity to test my fluency.

I always underestimate my fluency level~so anyone can test my fluency on any languages. I'm mre judging on all levels of speech and writing skills.

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