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How to improve my speaking?

Hi I really need to improve my speaking, most of the times I don't have problems on pronunciation I have problems in intonation for example instead of saying JAnuary I say jaNUAry, even now i'm not really sure which one is the correct one, this problem was worst when i started to work with English people and i studied American English and they talk British English, sometimes they correct me and I don't know if I'm really wrong It's so frustrating for me and I really don't know what to do, I listen to music in English and watch movies in English, what else should I do?



1) Tongue excerises is needed so you can say it perfectly.

2) Repeat the same sentences until it perfectly said.

3) Some words are said differently in Bristish English and American English



I can understand your frustration. My adivce is to concentrate on the most UNaccented version of English that you can find. That would be the English heard on national news broadcasts in America. That "dialect" would be Californian English. Try going on the web and watching some American soap operas (novelas) and use that as your base. It can be understood anywhere in the world where English is spoken. Good luck!

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