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Yay or Nay

I got this interesting lettle last night:
"What would you do if there was a tiny 1 inch tall person, wandering around on the floor near your bare feet?"
and then we started a conversation about this question:
ME : "Okay, i've already got that pic in my head.
Quite creepy.
I could probably scream at first, and then i would calm down and be nice to that tiny person, then maybe
we would start an adventure together.
After that, I try to share my experience with others, and end up with locked up in a mental hosptial. And
then there's a superman come to resuce me, by the way , he's single. And we live a happy life together
forever !"
HE : "Haha I see! What if you found out that you would get a lot of money from scientists if you stepped on the
tiny person with your bare feet?"
ME : "that's not really a clever question if it's uesd to test if whoever read this message is a golddigger.
Is there anyone would say he (she) would do that for those money?
Well,my answer is no, and i mean it."
HE : "Haha no, that wasn't the intention. Just curious! What if you found out that person was sent to your house
to give you pedicures whenever you wanted?"
ME : "As a pedicure, he's too little to do that , don't you think?
Let him give me pedicures?, it's called exploitation.
I would appreciate him and do it myself."
ME : "And I would ask him if he's willing to steal some money from the bankers for me instead.
Of course if he's willing to do that for ."
ME : "bed time. Bye. Nice to talk with you.Have a good day."

Here's the promble, I'm not satisfied with being able to talk in English, I want to be capable of thinking and being humorous in native English speaker's way.

I'm wondering if It's only me who think this whole conversation is enjoyable.
SO, Yay or Nay?



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