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What is the meaning of your name?

What is the meaning of your name?



Hahaha I really don't know. I think my name don't have a special mean. I've never seen. hahaha

my chinese name is a very simple and short .there are just two words and it's also simple to was named by my father.i think it means everything in the world is simple and  to wish me to be simple and happy for ever. 

My mother says that she found my name in a book of names.  It's not a usual name in English and people often get it wrong - both spoken and written.

A while back, I looked my name up in a dictionary of etymology (science of the origin of words) of names at university.  Of course, my name wasn't there, but it is similar to a Gaelic word meaning "girl of grace".  It's also similar to a town in Sweden.

Interesting question Henrique.  (^_^)

Hi. My name is Kudayberegen - it is unusual name as for kazakh, as for others. It's translates like "given by god". As my mum says it was given me because my mum couldn't have a child for a long time.

Hi all. My name's come in sight from old Slavonic language. It means "will" and "action".

Nadezhda, i think your name translated from russian as HOPE

My name was given by my parents, consist of three words in which second word is taken from the combination of my grandma and grandpa's name.

Overally the meaning of Fitria Ruthi Maharani is holy princess was born.. ;)

My name means the Spring Time In Arabic

Kudaybergen, It is the literal translation, but his's the meaning more greater.

What is the meaning of your name?

person who does Beneficence :)

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