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What is your goal for 2014?

Hello friends. A new year has comming, and I want know: What's your goal for 2014?





There are several goals.

I like your question and the term you chose, as it implies that in order to get something you need to

plan and to work for it; i am not interested in questions about /desires/ or /dreams/ unless in an intimate talk.

I will try to keep this point of view in my mind (of working hard), so thank you for remembering this to me, and

my best wishes for your life path in 2014


I cant wait until this crappy year finish...I seriously need a cup is full from 2013........

Dear Andrew.

Thank you very much for you sense and what you said.
I agree with everything who you said. ( We need to work to win our dreams).


Again, thank you for your reply, it was too enjoyable!.



In the new year, I hope my family and friends good health I also hope that in 2014 where I want to learn the language better

To avoid the mistakes and the type of wrong people I met/trusted, from the present and past few years.

To prove myself in job market. This is important for me.

Um emprego, ganhar muito dinheiro para viajar ao Brasil. kkk. E o seu?

My goal it's the same as you, but I wanna travel to Europe! :P

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