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Teaching English in Turkey, not a language discussion.


Hey, I'm considering teaching English abroad. I am considering teaching in Turkey, but I can't find much information about teaching English in Turkey. What all do you know about it? What is needed? What are the ups and what are the downs? Are you an English teacher in Turkey or do you know one? Any information will be helpful. Thanks.



I really am curious why you wanna go to Turkey to teach English other than others? Do really want to go to a muslim country?


I don't know if I'd rather teach there than in others. That's why I'm asking for more information. I've heard it was nice but only found one source.

Many Foreign people, especially Americans and Canadians come here to teach english in the some private language centers, Turkey is a country that hosts a variety of races and religions and also a secular country with a muslim majority, so what I say, there is a no problem about teaching languages here. So that's a wrong idea, religions have nothing to do with it. Elderly population has not a good english here and maybe sometimes hard to communicate with them but young people know english. Whatever I just wanted to correct something about Turkey :) Hope you'll be comfortable in the any country.

Hi Thomas,

I think you should check big cities like Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Educational centers are really keen on native language teachers, especially for primary education. And, I think they have good benefits for native language teachers or translators. I know people who came to Turkey with youth exchange projects and stayed afterwards finding a job here; especially from Italy and Greece. Do you have a teaching certificate? 


And Lily, seriously ? :(

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