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Is it me or it happens to everyone?

When I finish writing a paragraph and review it, it usually sounds coherent and well written. But when I read it again after a week or so, it seems to me like what was I thinking when I wrote this! The paragraph seems sloppy and full of typos. Does it happen to everyone?

Happy New Year!



Sometimes. I think that's anyone's problems while learn a new language, right?

By the way, where're you come from, Sade?What languages you learning for?

It's a normal feeling at the begining of learning a new language :)

Obviously yes!!!! Whatever the language is, it's always happended. There is someone said, every essay need to be modified many times. lol


I guess it happens to everybody...even to great writers too.

According to Hemingway, "The first draft of anything is sh*t." 

It means your language skill was improved. Be proud of it. (^^)/

@ Masahiro

I hadn’t thought this way! Nice viewpoint Masahiro :)


@ Retno

I hope so! I am an Iranian who tries to learn English.


Sometimes this feeling prevent me from writing as I know the resulting paragraph would still has mistakes. Hope it is normal!




Sade, try proofreading the paragraph backwards.  It sounds crazy but it helps you catch more mistakes.  They'll be more obvious to you because your eyes will be slowed down and not skimming over the words.  It really does work. :) 


Don't stop writing dear.  I think you have talent.   

Yeah this happens all the time when I need to write an essay for school or something. I think when we initially write our brain tricks us into thinking that we wrote well so we can rest. LOL

Thanks Phoenix. I will try it. It sounds interesting.


that's true . it came to me also . but in don't wait weeks to review it , i just read it after two or three hours.

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