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love from the first sight


i don't believe in love from first sight what about you guys ?



i did it i have experience ;)

First of all, I just want to help you. The correct expression is "Love at first sight", not from first sight.


A lot of people b

elieve that they have fallen in love after seeing someone for the first time.  However, in my opinion, love is much more complex and may take months or even years to fully develop.  When you see someone and are instantly drawn to him or her, I think that sensation is better defined as "LUST at first sight".


the Love is feeling, so it's possible to happen in any point of time.

For me,I don't believe love at the firts sight maybe you just like or interested with her/him appearance.

Like brasimericana says love is more complex, love is not automatic grow because it not talk about appearance which can we see with our eyes.

I really believe that people may fell in love with each other at their first sight! ^^ Love is a state of mind, more sensible than rational. I also believe that, " Beauty is in the eyes of the lover."


Can't agree more with @brasimericano perhaps it's just infatuation

love is nothing it is just wasting of time

might be possible

i believe

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