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WishList for 2014

Hello! I want to get perfect score for my last exam and buy a new cellphone. this is my wish for 2014. what's yours? :))




To be a good teacher, always patient, always helpful. And to keep away from chocolate.

Mi husband finds a job


Hello! I want to get a perfect score for my on last exam and buy a new cellphone. These are my wishes for 2014. what are yours? :))


"last exam"  i think you might want to say on your "final exam". For me, "last exam" is sort of awkward phrasing, and could mean the last exam you took in the past, as opposed to your final exam of a class.

I want to pass the IELTS exam after two weeks.

I want to learn architecture much more even i have graduated and got bachelor of architecture degree..


I wish to obtain my college degree and certified a required english level.

James : thanks for the correction ;)

All : let us make its true :)

I want to get fluent in japanese, get better grades, be more happy and at the same time make more people happy. I think it's those I have so far ^^

looking for a language partner
can we be friends ??
my skype is genius.salil007


To pass IELTS 7.0 overall band scores

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