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being or to be?

hi I m here to learn jeje well someone could say me the diferences , because sometimes i dont know when use them :D thanks




You want to learn jeje? What's jeje?


I don't know jeje (we have gee-gee in English, meaning a horse, but I don't think you mean that!). But as to 'to be' and 'being' you need to study the famous 'to ...' versus '.... ing'  area of grammar. I started to write examples here... then deleted them! I think it would help to know if you are confused about just 'to be/being'  or about other  to.../'  verbs. For example, do you know the difference between, "I stopped to pick flowers" and "I stopped picking flowers" ?  They are very different.  And between, "I tried to open the door" versus "I tried opening the door" ? Tell us if the whole  'to/ing'  thing is confusing.

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