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About moving to a foreign country to get the job

Hi guys! What do you think about the current necessity in some countries to move to another country in order to work? Here in Italy I've got a lot of friends willing to leave Italy, other than me, and I think it's a bit sad, because it's not totally a choice. Here we have many problems in different fields, but in my opinion the greatest issue is the politics and politicians. The governement is complitely wrong and it's very difficult for young people to trust in an "italian" future. And furthermore I've heard some politician talking about the fact that italians shouldn't leave the country and try to work also in fields not so related to what studied at university. As a "patriotic" feeling.




There have always been economic migrants. In Britain we have many workers from other countries. Traditionally us Brits have taken ourselves off to the USA for better pay... we called it the Brain Drain... as it was often scientists who disappeared off to America. Britain has never been very good at exploiting inventions. We often invent clever things... but it is the Americans who make commercial use of it! There was some feeling of resentment against those who went to America... for money. Like you said, there was a feeling that it would be more patriotic to stay at home, in Britain.

I agree with you, the same happens in Spain. The main problem in my country is politicians, in fact many people thik politicians are all corrupts and thieves.

 in my country the corruption has no end and most of youth have no future beccause of stupid politicians

hi :) at the moment im thinking about moving abroad .... because the government in my country do not think about people... we can not do anything with our salary.... we have studies but we can not work in domain.... so i'm thinking to leave or in uk or in us... i was in us this summer and it was very nice... my main goal is to save some money and make true my wish to travel


H Marco

I like that you question whether or not it is a good idea to go somewhere else to look for work. This is a good question. I grew up in a time when each country felt very distinct from every other one and people did not question the idea that serving one's nation was absolutely the most imporant thing to do. But technology has allowed us to work and live in new ways and it opens the door to question how each of us, individually, relates to the bigger picture. The world is changing. Follow your passion becuase you will always be most successful doing what you enjoy. And maybe ny traveling to new places you will make connections with people. I always tell my children that the bridges we build with others are stronger than any walls we put up. Maybe you will leave and learn new skills and bring them back to people in Italy? Or maybe you will find that life takes you in new directions. Corruption is all over the world. It can be very frustrating but it is good to remember that while many of us cannot make great changes, we can all make a difference. Even small differences at a local level are meaningful. Best of luck! It is great that you take the time to think about these things.

My daughter and many of her friends are teaching English abroad. She has been in Korea for two and a half years. She loves it there. She had never studied Korean but she is learning and making good progress. 

welcome to china


I've always wanted to study or work abroad as I can't make a good living here in my country. It's always politicians and representatives who can earn money easily just by sitting down in a quite luxury chair, sleeping, playing with their sophisticated gadget whilst the congress is still ongoing. those scenes make everyone sick. Hmm, perhaps I should agree with @Cathy I'd better to focus on my passion, make connections with people, and learn new skills instead. 


**I'd better focus**


If an Italian can get a decent-paying job without having 30+ days of holidays a year, does she/he take it?


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