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Do you think marijuana should be legalized?

So apparently you can now legally buy weed in you wish it were the same in your state/country? If not, do you at least agree with legalizing it for medical use only?




That's a good topic. I think it depends on what country you live, if you live in a developed country, this will be great because people are more aware of the use of this, pero si vives en un país subdesarrollado con el mío, sera muy dificil. Ya que mayormente cuando alguien comete un delito esta bajos los efectos de la marihuana, por ese tipo de personas es que la marihuana esta mal vista en muchos países, ademas que el ser humano arruina casí todo lo que toca y ahora ha mezclado muchos químicos para obetener deiferentes tipos de marihuana :/... Y otro punto es que muchos gobiernos estan de la mano con el narcotráfico y no les conviene legalizarla porque pierden el negocio jajaja... 

Now in Uruguay too.

I htink marijuana not should, but must be legalized.

Firstly, it doesn't affect health like alcohol or tabacco smoking and can be used as anti-alcoholic remedy. Secondly, it doesn't cause people be violent like alcohol does, quite the contrary - the whole body feels better and happier. Thirdly, the legalize as royalcrown said, will decriminalize the huge field of narcotraffic and will take away from narcobarons a lot of money.

Actually the marijuana is the least harmful drug both from social behaviour and physical health views, unlike legal alcohol and tabacco.

I think its prohibition was caused by mostly political reasons than health-care. It was very popular among hippies and other groups that didn't want to be at war, to be a "good citizens" and asked a lot of unnecessary questions about the "system". For the same reasons LSD was banned from use, although it has a lot of useful features and is still used for some psychiatric diseases treatment.


"Drugs are bad. mmmmkay. So don't do drugs, or you'll be bad. mmmmkay." That's all I have to say on this topic.

Alex, don't you drink alcohol? It's also a "drug", even you don't call it so.

Fortunately marijuana is illegal here in Philippines. I don't think it is a good idea to legalized marijuana here since lots of people can't able to handle its side effect.  Sometimes just drinking cause death how much more marijuana.. It is okay to legalize something if majority of people know how to handle them properly and just use moderately. Some of people here specially young people commit crime due of being high in marijuana.

Speak about Marijuana, it will makes us afraid. It doesn't only forbidden by law, but also religion.

I agree if Marijuana uses for medical, but i don't agree if it legalized. All the things that in our religion said it's haram, that's mean we can't use them. But, If it is for medical and it used only in accordance with need & no more, that's ok. But i thought that we are better searching other medicine, but once again if we still didn't find and there is no alternative medicine again, we can use it. If its better for our health, that's ok but never abuse it.

Diah Pratiwi, does islam allow marijuana use as medicine?


I think it shouldn't be legalized. The way I see it is : people get addicted to Marijuana , they keep buying it and buying it until it affects their lives and their sources of income. When they reach a point where there is no more money for them to buy Marijuana , what do they think they will do? They will turn to criminal activities to satisfy their needs. And for people who say Marijuana is not as harmful as it may seem , I say that an experience with Marijuana can , and is very likely to , lead to experimentation with more harmful substances , that have the potential of worsening the problems that Marijuana would have caused at this point.


So , in short , do not legalize it.

Definitely it should be legalized.Since alcohol is absolutely legal I see no reason why marijuana should not be legal too.


And also I am sure that people who sell their body for money shouldn't be treated like immorals while ones who sell their mind consider their behaviour less amoral.

Providing sexual services should be registered like any other profession.

it's a very bad thing to legalize it.


It's completely misunderstood that it is a "soft" drug, it still effects you, I know some of my classmates takes it(and its illagal here) and they are addictive to it, they might say they can live without it if they wanted to, and yes perharps thats true.


BUT that still doesn't excuse them from the fact, that there body is forever damaged, and theres a chance it someday will get worse.


ITS LIKE PLAYING WITH FIRE, why take the chance of getting addicted?

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