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Spanish/English exchange

Hey my name is Amanda and I'm currently an A-level Spanish student who could use some help from a native speaker in exchange for some help with English. I'm not sure how the whole exchange would work but if anyone is interested please comment below! :) 



Hi! I'm Native Speaker. I'm from Argentina. If you are interested follow me. We can exchange our knowledge. You can speak me in Spanish and I'll speak you in English. You correct me and I'll do the same ^^ 


I'm interested :)

hi Amanda!! i´m Carolina, i´m spanish native speaker. I´m interested in learn english, if you want i can help you with you spanish learning..

Hi Amanda, I´m a native speaker,I´m from México you can follow me and we can exchange our idiom. Regards¡¡

Hola Amanda, soy Española y estoy aprendiendo Inglés, si quieres sigueme y nos escribimos.

Un saludo

Hi Amanda My name is Andres  I'm a Native Spanish from Colombia  if you want to practice your Spanish and make a friend  my Skype is  numpaque


Hi Amanda, I looking for someone who speaks english to make english/spanish exchange, you can add me to skype if you want.

HI Amanda, Im from Colombia. i want to Learn English, so we can have a Language Exchange. My Skyp is pandai87

hi i'm from mexico and i speak spanish, now i study english level A if you want we can meet.  My skype is: zaid33912


Te mando un saludo. :) 

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