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Happy New Year!!! How do you welcome your New Year?

Is it at all important to celebrate or do you just let it pass you buy like any other time of the year?...infinite you make any resolutions?...May be you celebrate every year but you didnt this year for some reason...Maybe you have your own unique way of greeting the year...please share your New Year experiences...



Every time we think that this year. Better than before. But there is not. An increase in grief. All of this because of the love of this world. Money. Sovereignty. Every day die a thousand b coz wars and hunger. And the other world. Spend a thousand to buy Tree puts out some lights. Do greeted the new year with reference to God. Or dancing and singing. And drinking alcohol

I agree that there is a lot of pain in this world...but we cannot give up on the good.

There is always something bad for the same amount of good. 

There are lot of people trying to make things right...lets look at the bright side of life.

If there was no bad, good people would be out of work.

Lets greet the New Year with positive spirit and Happiness, another chance to set things right, another day, another light... and ask God to give us the strenght to sustain.


This is a beautiful and well known prayer :


"God grant us the serenity to accept the things we cannot change,
courage to change the things we can,
and wisdom to know the difference."


I expect from a new year 2014 only the best for me and my family and for world partly too. I have written partly for the world because I know that before the world is an enourmous job of improvment. Same as it is before me. As your prayer tells us I will do my best to change these things which I can change. So I will have what  to do all long year. I have big plans and I will continually inform members of italki about them. My first resolution is: I will pay tithes on time, God and his creation will be a number one for me ...




At least, i try to fix any problems i have in my life to welcome a new year

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