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Does anyone know a word that sounds like عَرضَك. I think the word means your dignity.

My friend mentioned it to me and he says there's another use in slang/dialect, but I can't remember. Thanks.



Hi Tema,
we sometimes use this word in dialect language to give the meaning of Please :)


Maybe you mean حضرتك ?

I don't think that's it. It definitely ends in ضك, talking about something with me. Like 'your dignity' but that's not the meaning.


~ honor

I think you might be right Ousamma. Now, does anyone know it's uses in dialect? Thanks! :)

I don't claim to know a lot about the Egyptian dialect , so this is possibly wrong :


 ...أنا في عرضك يا باشا


I beseech you , sir ...

it can have 2 meanings 

first honor 

هذا عرضك 

it is your honor 

second meaning : please 

أنا فى عرضك 

I beseech you 

for eample ,you have a problem and one of your friends tell you that he /she has a solution then you say أنا فى عرضك  which means here I  am begging you ,say it

What was the context of the word عرضك /?


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