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Looking for Spanish/English language partner



I'm looking for some native Spanish speakers to help me with my Spanish.  I've taken about 7 years of Spanish classes in high school and college combined. I am losing a lot of my understanding and skills, so I need to practice! I hope that once I start to practice, a lot of it will come back.


Just so you know, I'm married and I'm a Christian. These are really important things in my life. I'm just putting that out there so people understand...I don't want anyone to feel offended if I am married or that I am a Christian. If this doesn't bother you at all, then I would love to be a language exchange partner with you!





Hello, i can help you :) I'm from Argentina !! nice to meet you ..

Hi Mandy  My name is andres From Colombia   I can  help you to practice your spanish  and at the same time practice my englishmy Spype is numpaque

thank you


I don't speak spanish but I'd love to practice English with you :D

i'd like to practice my spoke english .. and i can help you wit spanish .. if you want to... !! my skype name is : (robinson.lz)

Hola estaré encantado de ayudarte con tu Español si tu quieres. Hi, I'll be delighted to help you with your Spanish if you wish


Hola Mandy, feliz de hacer intercambio de lenguajes :)

Hi, i also want to improve my english, i am trying to expand my vocabulary in different contexts or life situations, so if you are interested we can talk 50/50. by the way, i am from Colombia and our spanish is the most neutral so it is easier to learn (just saying ;))

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