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Small gestures that change lives. Elevator girl, this is for you

Alright so little interesting story that happened to me on my way back. There's definitely i think something everyone can learn or enjoy.


Today i had somewhat of an exhausting day, not physically of course but morally and intellectually. On top of that a lot of bad little stuff just kept morally slapping me over and over. At the end of the day, i finally take off work with friends. When reaching the building's first floor i realised that i forgot my cellphone upstairs, so of course i had to go back up to get it, and to be honest at that point it was that small last little incident that just morally finished me off.


I go back up to the 8th floor, sighing in defeat. The day had taken it's toll. Everyone's gone home and i'm the only one left. Not a sound, not a person in sight. On my way to work i cross a girl in this empty corridor and we slowly get passed each other. I barely look at her and i don't take the time to, i don't want to. My day has already been far from great, i just want to get home and relax.


So i keep walking this long corridor, i get in Babel, grab my phone. A good friend has texted me, so i text him back taking my time, my other friends are gone so why hurry up right. I take my time, and when i'm done i slowly make my way back on the long corridor to the elevator. When i finally reach the elevators, i see that one of them is on the 8th. I say to myself *god dammit good, at least i don't have to way forever for that elevator to come back up*. I take a last few steps to the elevator, closing my eyes as i let a long sigh come out to try and tame my frustration.


As i come in the elevator, my eyes spot a pair of boots. It surprises me since on my way back in the long hall, there wasn't a single person in sight. It was dark and everybody had left at that time. My eyes slowly make their way up and i see a finger holding the elevator down to this floor. I turn around and i see that girl that crossed me a couple of minutes ago when i was making my way back into Babel locals. She looks at me, smiles and gently takes her hand off the elevator button.


Surprised to see her, the brightest thing i find to say to her is *.... Merci !*. I try and wrap my brain around what she was doing there on her own, silently holding the elevator up so as we are making our way down, i ask her.


- Wh... why were you holding the elevator for such a long time?


- Well i saw you down the hall... she replies


- You've been waiting for me this whole time ? Says i, laughing slightly and amused


- Yes, she says. Smiling and slightly embarrassed. Nobody ever stops the elevator for me, so i thought...


- Bbb... but... how did you know i would be coming back ? i asked again


- I figured you would. she said smiling again


I look at her at first completely clueless on why she would wait for me this long... and then i get it. My face lights up. "There's no logic, she's just an amazing girl" i told myself.


From that point i could not do anything but smile uncontrollably.


- Thank you, thank you so much. i said, as i looked at her.


She smiled back


- No problem :)


This moment didn't last long, nor did it need to. We got to the first floor and i opened the door for her. it's the least i could do after all. We got out into the cold harsh winter and i thanked her one last time before splitting paths.


From that single gesture, my whole day changed. As i made my way back home against the dark and freezing winter night, I felt warm.


Don't ever doubt the impact that small gestures you do daily. No matter how stupid they sound to you. Something even as small as a girl who decided to wait until that guy she crossed in a corridor, came back.


I think i grew so Jaded over society that i forgot that people like that girl even existed. Tonight, that vision i had forever changed because of that one kind girl.


Whoever you are, thank you from the bottom of my heart.



I wish I could do something good as that girl every day . You will find to do thing is not so easy in modern society indeed , as far as I know .

Awesome story!  She crossed your path for a reason SpiritWolf.  I hope you run into her again. :)

Haha i wish i would run into her again. Would probably ask her number at least. It's a bit silly of my but i was just so...struck in the moment that i completely forgot to even ask your name. What a shame.

I think you should try to find her.  Send her some flowers. :)

Reading your story reminded me of the movie "Pay it forward". when someone does good for someone else, that person feels obligated to continue the positive acts.

"I think some people are too scared, or something. I guess it's hard for people who are so used to things the way they are - even if they're bad - to change. 'Cause they kind of give up. And when they do, everybody kind of loses." quote from the movie.Pay it forward

Hey if that can help anyone in any way i'm glad to share. I think iv'e hear about that movie, or saw it as a kid.


Not sure about trying to find her, i guess i should've asked her her number ? I feel silly now i was just a little too shoock on the moment : )

I've been thinking about all of this as of late. and what struck me was that you often see this from teenagers, random acts of kindness. But as people grow older, less and less.


So i think that's part of what hit me, she was an adult, i've rarely seen this in my entire life when i think about it. Am i living in the wrong town ? haha.


I've did that kind of stuff since i'm a kid and never stopped, but always felt like a black sheep.

What a nice girl! Why did you forgot to ask her name and number?? hehe Let's just hope you meet again.


Such kindness is so rare that your story looks made up :)


I understand why your mood changed so radically after what had happened :)

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