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What do you talk about with a unknown people?

Suppose that you are in a party and you don't know anybody. So what do you would do? what do you talk about?  



Just talk about little thing. How was life? How long you have been here? Just try to be friendly. I think it was what they usually do.

What do you talk about with a unknown people? should be What do you talk about with people you don't know?


It sounds more natural like this.

Who invite you ?!!!! o_O !!!

DANG, Who invited you????!!!!!

Well if I don't know anybody it's either I just eat and play with my phone and wait for someone to talk with me.


How long have you been here (at the party)?

Do you come to these parties often?

Where are you from?

So, how do you know ________? (insert name)

I start with stupid things like "beer? I prefer vodka" and then we start to talk normaly :D

I'd try to find someone that is wearing something I can use to start a conversation with.

"Hey! I absolutely love the ___ you're wearing. Where did you get that?"


I've been to a number of shindigs where I didn't know anyone. Think like meetups from 

Even if I don't know anyone, everyone there has a common interest. I DEFINATELY use that to my advantage to strike up a conversation. So if you find yourself at a themed party/event/meetup bring it up in your conversation.


Altini's examples are perfect for any kind of party though. I'd recommend using them. 



Focus on the other person and finding out things about them open ended questions about things that genuinely interest you. Try not to be mind reading what they are thinking of you. 

Maybe I will ask her/his name first to start the conversation

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