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Cats or dogs?

What do you prefer cats or dogs? when you think in a partner, in a pet do you choose the cats´calm or the dogs´energy? why?



if i could, i want a big cat one. i mean a tiger. grawr..

Diana, according to your userpic you have done your choice :))

I'd prefer cats as more free pets than dogs.

i love the animals in general, but definitely i prefer the calm of the cats, they are so lovely, faithful and friendly, they are selective and i love their character.


hyper cats :D

sleepy cat who is willing to sleep beside me... =^_^=

Cats :')

I like cats more because I have more than ten years of feelings is very good they cats and my child

Hi Diana, I prefer dogs. They are more socciable, cheerful, clever and friendly.

I like dogs because you can play with them, they are friendly and intelligent. I have had cats, dogs and rabbits, but I like dogs.

I I could I would like to have a cat :D

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