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First impressions of China

Let's talk about your first impression of China.

U can use few Chinese words if u have ever learned

What kind of Chinese culture makes u curios most? 





Chinese tradition has vanished a lot in modern China indeed. But many people are working hard to preserved our culture heritage.

As my Chinese friend  told me,  she do hard work, doing 12 hours a day at selling  clothes. That's different than us Europeans. I love China, it is like my hometown like California and Germany.  我的朋友工作。


Chinese people, espically youny people born after 1980, do bear high pressure, due to the tremendous survive cost.

Do u think Chinese math is very good...

I've never been to China, but I would like to. 

I like chinese culture, art, music. 

And I know a few chinese people here in my country, it's really good to make friends with them. 

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