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Saint Valentine's Skype Party


For  those  who  study  Russian language:  I have   begun  a preparation  for  Saint Valentine's Skype Party between Russian Women (students  of  my School for  professional Wives) and others. Welcome to join us!



What will be about??


It depends  upon participants.  But I hope, it  will  be   about  Love  and  Life (because  the  main character of the Day is  Mr. St. Valentine) :)))))))))))))))))))))))))


Interesting, I want to join!) However, my Russian is not perfect.


Perfect - isn't  important  at all.  The  most  important is that  it  must  be POSITIVE :))))))))))   So, if  you   still have   a  desire  to join, let   me  know  (through the message) your e-mail   or Skype


Thanks Natasha:)) This is my Skype dsv.38 feel free to add me.


Thank you.:)))))))))))))


I've added  you but  don't know if  you  got  it


Yeah, I got it, and thanks for invitation ;)


Sorry,  we   don't  prepare   administrators  and  managers.   There  are too   many  various   managers   and   administrators  these   days.  Too  many   admnistrators   for   managing   nothing (maNOTHINGment).   We  prefer  to  teach  practical (applied) professional  skills.

We teach them  to  do   something  with  their  own  hands   and  brains: foreign languages;  golden, silk embroidery, precious-stones   embroidery;  handmade  laces, housekeeping, traditional  massages, sexual   skills,gardening,  cuisine, phytotherapy, knitting, sports,   farming, foreign  trade  and   civil law, family relationships, preparation  for  exams  and  job-interviews   and  many others.....Sorry.



Humour   can  be  different.   Light  and  black (dark).  Light  humour is on the  list.  Dark  humour  is  prohibited. Taboo


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