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Do you feel that it's hard to remember the passages written by the language you're learning?

Sometimes when I finish a book, I'll forget most of the details and merely remember the general idea.Do you feel the same way as me?



Yes! I feel like that! I don't know why, maybe my memory doesn't store those information anymore. But is awful to hear about people who can remember even quotes from the book. You know, I thought about writing some comment while reading but I don't like to write on books. Recently, a friend of mine lent me a book, and I found too many comments on it, I don't like it!. We should look for a nother strategy to make the book's information last forever in our minds. =)

I do as well, but, I think it's simply because of the extra step of translation we take. Unless you are comfortably thinking in your language, when reading or speaking or writing, you tend to translate each word and thought back to your language.


I feel like this works against us rather than for us because when I am reading something in English, I am able to understand whatever info is being imparted because I am able to make connections immediately. I don't have to think of the word and then think of what it means in relation to the concept of the sentence. And even if you understand all of the words and the concepts they are supposed to be presenting, the longer the text is, the harder time you'll have retaining it simply because, once again, unless you are used to functioning in your target language, recalling the info you absorbed necessitates extra steps on your mind's part.


This is just my theory, though.

I get that feeling too. I think on my part it's because i'm a speed reader or a 'skim reader'. It's something I need to work on. I understand the ideas of the books I read but sometimes miss some of the character development because of this.

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