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Film Italiani

Sto cercando alcuni buoni film italiani da guardare. Cosa mi consiglia?




if you like horror there is the master Dario Argento,if you want smile see (non ci resta che piangere),con Benigni e Troisi,movie that i like are Nuovo Cinema Paradiso,Mediterraneo,Un Americano a Roma,le Fate Ignoranti,la Grande Bellezza,in alternative there are the movie for smile of Fantozzi,the movie of Aldo Giovanni e Giacomo,i hope i have given you good advice,ciao e buon italiano


1) Amore non va in vacanza


2) "Il bambino con il pigiama a righe"


3) Sotto il sole della Toscana


4) La ragazza americana

parte 1

parte 2 

Italian movies are generally pretty awful, even worse than the American ones, if possible; particularly the newest ones. The best thing you can do is to dig into the past decades and cherrypick a selected few. Sites like could help.


You could search by director and than sample:

Erin - there are many great films to choose. But for me, one BIG BONUS is if I  am able to understand it without subtitles with my [very limited] Italian. Here is one I think is not only a great film, but great for that reason: Miracolo a Milano


A very wonderful and enjoyable film on many levels. Catch it if you can!


check out this website, I watch Italian films there

Thank you everyone!


Io ti consiglio


La vita è bella      (di Roberto Benigni)

Le chiavi di casa   (di Gianni Amelio)

La minserie "Le avventure di Pinocchio" (miniserie del 1972)


Don't listen to what some people say here. There are lots of beautiful Italian films. If you want to see a masterpiece, you can choose from this list:


- Nuovo cinema paradiso

- C'era una volta in america

- Every Nanni Moretti's movie


Enjoy :-)


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